Category 2017 Festival

2016 Vendors

  • Adam’s on Abbott
  • AGToo Designs
  • Alleghany County Celtic Festival
  • Amethyst Winds
  • BJM Books
  • Black Willow Winery
  • Blue Toucan Studios
  • Boadicea Spa Products/Zion House
  • Boy Scouts Troop 61
  • Brothers Grill
  • C&C Bouncers
  • Carol’s Novelties
  • Cayuga Lake Creamery
  • Celtic Hearth
  • Chommpers Catering
  • Classic Irish Imports
  • Cool Craniums
  • Crafters Of Words
  • Crossroads Compass of Care
  • David Brown/KD Printing
  • Dragon Egg Productions
  • Earth Dragon Gardens
  • EastWest Alpaca Ranch
  • Genesee Valley Dart Association
  • Green Dragon
  • Green Heron Apiary
  • Holt International/Wise Dyes
  • Infamous Welsh Cookie Company
  • Irish Imports Store
  • Iron Smoke Distillery
  • Jen’s Jewelry for Rochester ThyCa
  • Kay’s Celtic Collection
  • Ladies Design
  • Leatherstone
  • Lorelei’s Lair
  • Mark’s Pizzeria
  • Merlyn Fuller
  • Michael McCarthy
  • MorganEagle Falconry
  • Ms. Elaine’s Carvings
  • Mystic Impressions
  • Ontario County 4H
  • RenCraft
  • SCA-The Barony of Thescorre
  • Silver Street Road Kettle Korn
  • Stoney Ridge Farm
  • Sugary Delights
  • Thousand Islands Winery
  • Turning Leaf Drums
  • Valley of Field Herbals
  • Wallis Novelties
  • Wandering Dragon Leatherworks
  • Yvonne’s Creations
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An undertaking such as this needs volunteers, your support, and ideas to make it happen. We appreciate your suggestions and invite your participation no matter how great or small!

  • Amy MacIntyre                       
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Andy Allen
  • Becky Wheeland/Rautine    
  • Bert Beavers
  • Bill Beavers                              
  • Bill McGreggor
  • Brieanna Shepard
  • Chris Schaffer                          
  • Chris McLouth
  • Clair Frasser 
  • Dan McPherson                       
  • Derice Ford
  • Don S
  • Elizabeth Marie                       
  • Gregg Forsman
  • Ilean Beavers
  • Jeanette Hernandez               
  • Jill Alexander
  • Kurt Kralles                             
  • Laurie Shepard
  • Margaret Griffin                     
  • Mark Shark
  • Media Bennett                        
  • Mike Tomaino
  • Myriah Dickerson
  • Opal Rose
  • Patrick Boswell                        
  • Pete Weis
  • Peter Cormack                         
  • Pheobe Narkow 
  • Robb Dorazio                            
  • Royal Lewis
  • Scott Chappell                        
  • Scott Jennings
  • Sean Gilcrist                           
  • Shaena Daum
  • Shannon Oliver
  • Walter Johnson
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Special Thanks

Special Thanks

  • Amy Macintyre                 
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Andy Allen                        
  • Alen Friedman
  • Ben “Thor” Beavers         
  • Brian Peet
  • Heather Beavers               
  • Hazel Stewart
  • Ilean Beavers                    
  • Jill Alexander
  • Ken Schroeder                  
  • Kurt Kralles
  • Laurie Shepard
  • Mark Palmer                    
  • Myriah Dickerson
  • Peter Cormack                  
  • Robert Putney
  • Tim Potter
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Advanced Tickets

At gate $12/$10

(Under 12 or over 65)

Under 5 free

$2 off advance purchases on line

Adult (12 & up)- $10.00

Children (6-12) – $8.00 

Children (5 & under) – FREE 

 Veteran/Military – $8.00 
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  • To be listed in the program, we must have your application and payment by April 15th (we will accept applications until April 30th).
  • Limited electricity (for a fee) is available in certain locations, this is provided on a first come first served basis. There is no WiFi or internet access on the Festival Grounds. Self-contained units work the best and are encouraged, if possible.
  • Set up begins Friday after 1:00 pm or Saturday morning after 6:30 am.
  • Grounds to be cleared by noon Sunday (unless special arrangements made) .
  • Food vendors are required to apply and obtain all necessary permits. Please include a copy of your menu items and price list with your completed registration form.
  • Food vendors note:This festival sells water to offset expenses, so please do not include water on your menu.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have not been here before please contact Myriah, as Space is limited, and we try to control duplication of goods/services. If you have more questions about setting up at the festival or local services such as campgrounds, hotels, restaurants, and attractions, our Vendor Coordinator will be happy to help you!

    Myriah Dickerson
    email address:
    Mail: Finger Lakes Celtic Festival
    4925 Collett Road
    Shortsville, NY 14548

Please note: This is a Family-Oriented Event. No Vending of: Sex Toys, Permanent Tattoos or Drug/Smoking Paraphernalia. No Exceptions!graph here.


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Clans & Societies

In 2016 we were Honored to have:

  • Armstrong
  • Baird
  • Blair
  • Cameron
  • Claus
  • Davidson
  • Gunn
  • Hall
  • House of Gordon
  • Hunter
  • Kerr
  • MacAlister
  • Mackay
  • Maclean
  • MacNeil
  • MacPherson
  • Menzies
  • Ross
  • Turnbull
  • Daughter’s of Scotia
  • Irish Childrem’s Program of Rochester
  • Rochester Scottish Heritage Society
  • Rochester Strathspey & ReelSociety

If your Clan/Society would like to be represented here in the future please let us know.


Date: Sat., May 20, 2017 at 9:30 A.M. – 7 P.M.
Address: 4925 Collett Rd. Farmington, NY 14425
Admission: Free for Clan/Society workers on site (up to 4 persons).
Parking: Behind or near your booth.
Ground Space: 10’ x 10’ – need more? Let us know what you require.
Set up: after noon on Friday, or after dawn on Saturday.
Must be off site by noon on Sunday.

Complimentary coffee/tea/bottled water and donuts during set-up on Saturday morning.
Free on-site camping for Friday. and Saturday. nights. Sorry, no water or electricity.

A Clan/Society on-site dish-to-pass picnic during day on Saturday. More details concerning this will be sent to participating Clans/Societies.

Inside Clan/Society tents are NOT considered Festival grounds
No pets, on Festival grounds.
Alcohol from an outside source is not allowed on Festival grounds.

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Highland Games

The first record of these games was in the 12 th Century A.D. in the Irish Book of Leinster. However, we know they go back much further, and may be the oldest continuing athletic games in the world. Early games were part of ceremonies,fairs, feasts and funerals. The roots of these games were developed to test agility and strength. The items used today have evolved from things available to the earliest Scotsman.

There are 9 events in the Heavy games:

Caber Toss:
This is the Signature, most identifiable and dramatic event in the games. The Caber is straight log, similar to a telephone pole. It varies in length (16’-22’) and weight (90# to 210#) depending on event and class. The object is to lift, balance, run, and toss or flip it end over end so that it lands and then falls at a perfect “12 O’clock” position in front of the Athlete. Caber is Gaelic for “Tree”!

Heavy and Light Weight for Distance:
A block, weighing 56#/28#, attached to a ring and chain, is thrown 3 times only the longest throw counts! The weights for these events are measured in “Stones”, 1 Stone = 14 pounds!

Braemar Toss:
Braemar stone is 20#-28# and is thrown from a standing ppsition. with the feet remaining planted.

The Clachneart Toss:
Also known as the “Open Stone”, the Clachneart,  is a 16# smooth, round river stone. It is thrown with a spin like the modern Shotput.

Hammer Toss, Heavy and Light:
Feet must remain planted while seeing who can throw the Hammer the furthest. A Scottish hammer has a 4’+/- handle with a 16# or 22# lead ball or the end.

Weight Toss for Height:
Same 56# weight as the Heavy Weight for Distance is used for this.  The distance thrown is one handed, backward vertically over a bar for height! Bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You’re allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated.

Sheaf Toss:
Similar to the weight toss for height in the cross bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You are allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated. However, in this event a Pitchfork is used to toss a burlap bag filled with a 18#-20# “Sheaf” of hay over the cross bar.

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Our 6th annual Games and Festival will be May 20th 2017.

We are honored to welcome Athletes, Pipe Bands, Clans, Performers and Vendors from around the US, Canada and Europe..

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