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Bag Pipe Bands

We host a Parade Style competition, with bands from around Northeastern US and Canada, coming to compete for cash prizes.   

Our Opening Ceremony boasts the largest mass bands in the region. Watch them parade, maneuver, and play in unison! No matter how many times you see this, it never grows old, 100+ pipers will send a chill up your spine.

Look for the Massed Bands during the Opening Ceremonies at 12:00 Noon. Plus every band plays Individually twice more throughout the day inj the Pipe Performance Area.  So you get the pleasure (some call it the drone of cats being stepped on) of pipe bands playing from 9:30 in the morning till 6:0 in the evening!  Such a Glorious Noise!

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The 2020 List of Pipe Bands and the times they will be playing in competition in the Circle in The Clan Village:

                                                10:00   AM          2:00   PM

                                                 10:20   AM           2:20  PM

                                               10:40   AM           2:40  PM

                                               11:00    AM           3:00  PM

                                                 1:00      AM          3:20   PM

                                                 1:20    AM            3:40   PM

                                                 1:40      AM          4:00   PM


And of course, don’t miss the Massed Bands performance at 12 Noon on the Parade Grounds!

Now here’s some Reference Information about Pipe Bands and the Performance Competition that you might not know!



PIPE BANDS who have joined us over the years, and blessed us with their Glorious Noise.

Buffalo Caledonian Pipe Band

City of Thorold Pipe Band

Feadan Or Pipe Band

Gordan Highlanders

LBS Highlanders Pipe and Drums

MacKenzie Highlanders

Rochester Scottish Pipe Band

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