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2019 Listing of Highland Gamers & Classes

2019 Listing of Highling Gamers and Classes

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2019 Finger Lakes preliminary start list

Men’s Open
Daven Brigham
Adam Kellogg
Randy Sylvester
Eric Hurlburt 
Paul S. Knightly
Chris Perrault 
Nick Kahanic 
Drew Robertson Evans 
Terry Sylvester
Sean P McCoy 
Craig Klemick
Todd Harris
Andrew Cleary

Women’s Open
DancingFox Gardner
Amber Taylor Med
Billie Burcume
Christine Margaret Watt O’Connell
Phebe Lamont
Erin Jones
Katie Elizabeth
Kat Simon HumeMakuchowski

Masters Men
Scott Fike
Ron Harkins
Rob Thomas
Kevin Truesdell
Dave Brewer
Andy Ward
Tim Mullally
Marc Taylor
Robert Adrenalin Monroe
Jeff Sims
Bryan Pandy (Poncho Frailey)
Jason McLinton
Christian Donovan
Dominic Caselli

Mike Landrich
John Katalinas
Curt Long
Sean Green
Andrew Gillie Crop Top
John Cowden
Lou Iannone
Jeff Smith

Chuck Livingston
John Jans
Michael Watson
Paul Helfenstein
Jim Smith

Women’S Masters
Courtney McGuire
Erin Lynne
Lisa Smith
Kathryn Kendall
Terri James (Bert Pifruck)
Jennifer N Corey Taylor
Willow Rose
Bonnie Hicks

Lightweight Men
Chris Sickler
Jed Lamont
James Lamont

Laurel Austin-Smith
Karen Snider
Kimberly Clark Harrison

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Highland Games

The first record of these games was in the 12th Century A.D. in the Irish Book of Leinster. However, we know they go back much further, and may be the oldest continuing athletic games in the world. Early games were part of ceremonies,fairs, feasts and funerals. The roots of these games were developed to test agility and strength. The items used today have evolved from things available to the earliest Scotsman.

There are 9 events in the Heavy games:

Caber Toss:
This is the Signature, most identifiable and dramatic event in the games. The Caber is straight log, similar to a telephone pole. It varies in length (16’-22’) and weight (90# to 210#) depending on event and class. The object is to lift, balance, run, and toss or flip it end over end so that it lands and then falls at a perfect “12 O’clock” position in front of the Athlete. Caber is Gaelic for “Tree”!

Heavy and Light Weight for Distance:
A block, weighing 56#/28#, attached to a ring and chain, is thrown 3 times only the longest throw counts! The weights for these events are measured in “Stones”, 1 Stone = 14 pounds!

Braemar Toss:
Braemar stone is 20#-28# and is thrown from a standing ppsition. with the feet remaining planted.

The Clachneart Toss:
Also known as the “Open Stone”, the Clachneart,  is a 16# smooth, round river stone. It is thrown with a spin like the modern Shotput.

Hammer Toss, Heavy and Light:
Feet must remain planted while seeing who can throw the Hammer the furthest. A Scottish hammer has a 4’+/- handle with a 16# or 22# lead ball or the end.

Weight Toss for Height:
Same 56# weight as the Heavy Weight for Distance is used for this.  The distance thrown is one handed, backward vertically over a bar for height! Bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You’re allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated.

Sheaf Toss:
Similar to the weight toss for height in the cross bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You are allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated. However, in this event a Pitchfork is used to toss a burlap bag filled with a 18#-20# “Sheaf” of hay over the cross bar.


             2018 List of participating Highland Gamers 

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