Category 2019 Listing of Highland Gamers & Classes

2019 Listing of Highland Gamers & Classes

Highland Heavy Athletes

Athletic Director:  Christian Donovan

With over 60 competitors,  we are the largest heavy games in the state. We are proud to have such an awesome mix of men and women throwing this year:


2019 Listing of Highling Gamers and Classes

Come on out and cheer on your favorite Gamer…. or family member…. or neighbor… or whoever!

Wait list will be started after that.

2019 Finger Lakes Gamers

Adam Kellogg

Amber Taylor

Andrew Billie

Andrew Cleary

Andy Ward

Billy Burcume

Bonnie Hicks

Bryan Pandy

Chris Perrault

Chris Sickler

Christian Donovan

Christine O’Connell

Churck Livingston

Courtney McGuire

Curt Long

Cyle Livingston

Dave Brewer

Daven Brigham

Dominic Caselli

Drew Robertson Evens

Eli Kiener

Eric Hurlburt

Erin Jones

Erin Lynne

Haley Schroeder Gow

James Lamont

Jason McClinton

Jed Lamont

Jeff Sims

Jeff Smith

Jennifer Taylor

Jim Smith

John Cowden

John Jans

John Katalinas

Jordan Davis

Karen Snider

Kat Simon HumeMakuchowski

Kathryn Kendall

Katie Elizabeth

Kevin Truesdell

Kim Pagliarulo Lindner

Kimberly Harrison

Lacey Gardner

Laurel Smith

Lisa Smith

Marc Taylor

Matt Hand

Michael Watson

Mike Landrich

Nick Kahanic

Paul Helfenstein

Paul Knightly

Phebe Lamont

Randy Sylvester

Rob Thomas

Robert Monroe

Ron Harkins

Scott Fike

Sean McCoy

Terri James

Terry Sylveter

Tim Lullally

Todd Harris


Laurel Smith

Karen Snider

Kimberly Harrison

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