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Demonstrations Schedule

Look for amazing Demonstrations throughout the day in The Marketplace!

Schedule Coming Soon!

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2019 Listing of Highland Gamers & Classes

2019 Listing of Highling Gamers and Classes

Come on out and cheer on your favorite Gamer…. or family member…. or neighbor… or whoever!

Wait list will be started after that.

2019 Finger Lakes preliminary start list

Men’s Open
Daven Brigham
Adam Kellogg
Randy Sylvester
Eric Hurlburt 
Paul S. Knightly
Chris Perrault 
Nick Kahanic 
Drew Robertson Evans 
Terry Sylvester
Sean P McCoy 
Craig Klemick
Todd Harris
Andrew Cleary

Women’s Open
DancingFox Gardner
Amber Taylor Med
Billie Burcume
Christine Margaret Watt O’Connell
Phebe Lamont
Erin Jones
Katie Elizabeth
Kat Simon HumeMakuchowski

Masters Men
Scott Fike
Ron Harkins
Rob Thomas
Kevin Truesdell
Dave Brewer
Andy Ward
Tim Mullally
Marc Taylor
Robert Adrenalin Monroe
Jeff Sims
Bryan Pandy (Poncho Frailey)
Jason McLinton
Christian Donovan
Dominic Caselli

Mike Landrich
John Katalinas
Curt Long
Sean Green
Andrew Gillie Crop Top
John Cowden
Lou Iannone
Jeff Smith

Chuck Livingston
John Jans
Michael Watson
Paul Helfenstein
Jim Smith

Women’S Masters
Courtney McGuire
Erin Lynne
Lisa Smith
Kathryn Kendall
Terri James (Bert Pifruck)
Jennifer N Corey Taylor
Willow Rose
Bonnie Hicks

Lightweight Men
Chris Sickler
Jed Lamont
James Lamont

Laurel Austin-Smith
Karen Snider
Kimberly Clark Harrison

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The Marketplace

Our 2019 Marketplace will have a wide assortment of Non-Food and Food Vendors for your shopping and eating pleasure this year.   Yes, there is also be a nice variety of Adult Beverages to be enjoyed too!

2019 Vendors List   – 

To Be Updated as Vendors are Confirmed!


Adam’s on Abbott
AZ Stained Glass
Bagley Road Bandits Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, & Bounce House
BJM Books

Blue Tusk Doughnuts w/Copper Horse Creek Coffee

Carol’s Novelties
Cayuga Lake Creamery
Chomppers Catering
Crone’s Cottage Crafts
EastWest Alpaca Ranch
Fired Figments
Green Heron Apiary
Highland Knits and Bits
Jen’s Jewelry for Rochester Thyroid Cancer Awareness
Kays’ Celtic Collection
Ladies Design
Lilla Rose Hair Accessories
Mark’s Pizzeria
Michael McCarthy, Author
Morgan’s Mystic Impressions
Relay for Life
Rochester Fairy Doors
Thousand Island Winery
Twisted Rail Brewery
Wallis Novelties

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Schedule for 2019 Coming Soon!


We strive to bring you a full range of acts from traditional to Celtic rock, Irish and Scottish dance, and other family friendly entertainment all day. We are thankful and very proud to have shared our stages with so many talented artists over the years.   We look forward to having another Enjoyable Day of Music and Dance to share with you.

 Main Stage:

9:25 AM         

10:30 AM      


1:00 PM         

1:45 PM         

2:20 PM        

4:30 PM        

5:30 PM        AWARDS

6:00 PM       


Food Court Stage:

9:30 AM              

10:30 AM            

11:00 AM            

11:30 AM            


12:30 pm          

1:00 PM              

1:30 PM             

2:00 PM             

3:00 PM            

3:30 PM           

4:00 PM           

4:30 PM          




Bands and Entertainers who have appeared at FLCG&F previously:

Andrew Duncan, Piper

Andy Allan


Catch and Release

Celtic Moon

Clan Tankerous

Dady Brothers

Doolin’ O’Dey


Dunleavey Dance

Elyse Roy


Fiddler’s Wage

Goodwin Dance

Half-Cut Sham

Irish Set Dancers

Jayne & Bram Pomplas

Johnathan Blades Magic


KrittrKris & Feathered Friends

Magical John

Mary Lester (Harp)


Merry Mischief

Morgan Eagle Falconry

Peg Dolan

Rochester Irish Musician Association- Comhaltas Ceoltorii Eireann

Rochester Strathsprey and Reel Society

Sarah Foote


Shades of Green

Shannonside Ceili Dancers

Sisters of Murphy

Step in Time

Tim Burley

Technicolor Trailer Park

Tom Keefer

Tutoo O’Riley

Will Kradiak

Wingin’ It



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2019 Festival Info

Have we got a good time planned for you this year!

Here is this year’s Festival Grounds Map so that you can find all these places easier!

Step inside and check out:

The Highland Games Section complete with information about what the 9 different competition categories are, as well as a listing  of  the different levels of competition and who our Gamers will be this year.

The Bag Pipe Bands Section will have the list of Bands who will be joining us this year, as well as some history on Bag Pipe Bands and how their competition works.  Don’t miss out on Our Massed Bands at 12 Noon on The Parade Grounds

The Clans and Societies Section will offer you entrance into our Clan Village, as well as some history of The Scottish Clans and The Tartan.   Stop in and say hello!

The Entertainment Section will provide the listing and schedule of performances by our wonderful Musicians, Singers, and Dancers, as well as where and when to find the various Demonstrations and Exhibitions that are on-going during the day.

The Marketplace Section will serve to offer this year’s listing of our Non-Food and Food Vendors for your Shopping and Eating pleasure.  Lots of wonderful Sparklies and Yummy food items for all!

Our new Education Tent has some Special Offerings this year!   Come and see what you can learn about the Celtic Heritage.

Special Offerings of Demonstrations & Exhibitions are also New this year.  Come to Vendors Row for a selection of Amazing Demonstrations throughout the day, and also watch The Parade Grounds for some cool Exhibitions.

And of course, don’t forget about The May Pole Dance and Weaving being held at 4:00 PM on the Main Stage Side of The Puddle!

Last but not least, here’s some interesting bits we thought you might like:

A History of Scottish Kilts                                                  

 Pipe Bands and Their Competitions

Scottish Recipes                                                                               

The Clans of Scotland

The History of The Scottish Games                                           

S.A.M.S. Press Release: Flag Retirement Ceremony

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If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s event, we have lots of jobs that will need doing!  And we are always very thankful for whatever you are able to do to help.

Please send an email including your contact information, i.e., Name, Address, Phone Number, and email address, to

Our meeting dates for this year are:

March 3, 2019

April 7, 2019

May 5, 2019

May 17, 2019                  Early Set-Up Day

May 18, 2019                  Event Day!

Meetings are held at our Festival Site, 4925 Collett Road, Shortsville, NY, and start at 4 pm.

If you want to volunteer, but are unable to attend these meetings, please let us know, and we will get you added to the “Minions” List!

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Bag Pipe Bands

We host a Parade Style competition, with bands from around Northeastern US and Canada, coming to compete for cash prizes.   

Our Opening Ceremony boasts the largest mass bands in the region. Watch them parade, maneuver, and play in unison! No matter how many times you see this, it never grows old, 100+ pipers will send a chill up your spine.

Look for the Massed Bands during the Opening Ceremonies at 11:00 a.m.. Plus every band plays Individually twice more throughout the day inj the Pipe Performance Area.  So you get the pleasure (some call it the drone of cats being stepped on) of pipe bands playing from 9:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the evening!  Such a Glorious Noise!


The 2019 List of Pipe Bands and the times they will be playing in competition in the Circle in The Clan Village:

Schedule Coming Soon!

And of course, don’t miss the Massed Bands performance at 11 a.m. on the Parade Grounds!

Now here’s some Reference Information about Pipe Bands and the Performance Competition that you might not know!


PIPE BANDS who have joined us over the years, and blessed us with their Glorious Noise.

Buffalo Caledonian Pipe Band

City of Thorold Pipe Band

Feadan Or Pipe Band

Gordan Highlanders

LBS Highlanders Pipe and Drums

MacKenzie Highlanders

Rochester Scottish Pipe Band

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Highland Games

The first record of these games was in the 12th Century A.D. in the Irish Book of Leinster. However, we know they go back much further, and may be the oldest continuing athletic games in the world. Early games were part of ceremonies,fairs, feasts and funerals. The roots of these games were developed to test agility and strength. The items used today have evolved from things available to the earliest Scotsman.

There are 9 events in the Heavy games:

Caber Toss:
This is the Signature, most identifiable and dramatic event in the games. The Caber is straight log, similar to a telephone pole. It varies in length (16’-22’) and weight (90# to 210#) depending on event and class. The object is to lift, balance, run, and toss or flip it end over end so that it lands and then falls at a perfect “12 O’clock” position in front of the Athlete. Caber is Gaelic for “Tree”!

Heavy and Light Weight for Distance:
A block, weighing 56#/28#, attached to a ring and chain, is thrown 3 times only the longest throw counts! The weights for these events are measured in “Stones”, 1 Stone = 14 pounds!

Braemar Toss:
Braemar stone is 20#-28# and is thrown from a standing ppsition. with the feet remaining planted.

The Clachneart Toss:
Also known as the “Open Stone”, the Clachneart,  is a 16# smooth, round river stone. It is thrown with a spin like the modern Shotput.

Hammer Toss, Heavy and Light:
Feet must remain planted while seeing who can throw the Hammer the furthest. A Scottish hammer has a 4’+/- handle with a 16# or 22# lead ball or the end.

Weight Toss for Height:
Same 56# weight as the Heavy Weight for Distance is used for this.  The distance thrown is one handed, backward vertically over a bar for height! Bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You’re allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated.

Sheaf Toss:
Similar to the weight toss for height in the cross bar is raised till no one can make it over without hitting the bar. You are allowed 3 attempts per height or till eliminated. However, in this event a Pitchfork is used to toss a burlap bag filled with a 18#-20# “Sheaf” of hay over the cross bar.


             2018 List of participating Highland Gamers 

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